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Coaching & Consulting 

Ready to Transform Your Project Management Journey?

Whether you’re an aspiring PMP or PMI-CP or seeking organizational improvement, you’re in the right place to elevate your project management skills with:

Individual Coaching Packages

  • PMP Accelerator
  • PMI-CP Mastery Program
  • Certificate Application Assistance

Organizational Consulting Services

  • Agile Transformation Workshops
  • Project Management Process Optimization

PMP and PMI-CP Coaching

With a proven track record, Yassine Tounsi brings a wealth of industry experience to guide you through the journey of getting PMP or PMI-CP certified. From comprehensive exam preparation to an in-depth understanding of project management principles and methodologies, you’ll be well-equipped for success!

Customized Training Programs

Yassine develops and delivers tailored training programs that cater to your diverse learning needs, whether you’re an individual seeking a project management certification or an organization aiming to upskill your project management teams. You’ll be delivered a personalized, engaging, and practical training curriculum that is aligned with the latest industry standards.

Tailored Organizational Consulting

Elevate your organization’s project management capabilities with customized consulting and tailored solutions. Recognizing that each organization is unique, Yassine works collaboratively to assess your current practices, identify areas for improvement, and plan and implement strategies that align with project management best practices, ensuring optimal and successful project delivery.

Contact me to schedule a consultation!

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