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Free PMP test (part 1)

Free PMP Mock Test

20 PMP questions fully aligned with 2021 exam updates, covering key domains and knowledge areas: People, Process, and Business environment. The questions are balanced between the predictive project management approaches (waterfall) and the adaptive approaches (agile) or hybrid approaches.
Question 1

Sam is a contracted project manager who leads a project using the predictive methodology. Sam got informed by his client that they are not satisfied with the project progress so far, claiming that an important deliverable was neglected. They asked Sam to pause the project in order to reassess the situation and figure out how to meet this deliverable, even though they have approved all phases of the project to date. Which of the following statements is true to reach an agreement?

Question 2

Kim is managing a software project following an Agile life cycle. After scope definition and during project execution, she receives a request from the customer to alter a requirement. How will Kim likely respond to the change request?

Question 3

Richard is assigned to lead a revolutionary medical project. During a meeting with the project’s sponsor on how to approach the project, Richard discusses how he wants to promote self-awareness, listening, and coaching over-controlling. Richard wants to promote:

Question 4

Under stakeholders management, a project manager should ___________ an interested stakeholder with little authority.​

Question 5

After one month of project initiation you notice that the sponsor is always late for your weekly meetings. Yet, you choose to not address this. Instead, you document his delays in the meeting agenda. Which of the following conflict-resolution techniques did you use?

Question 6

Abigail is leading a project with team members spread over different geographical areas. During a virtual fortnightly retrospective meeting, she noticed that there is a communication gap among some of her team members. What should Abigail do to close this communication gap? 

Question 7

Zach is a project manager for a company that opts for extrinsic motivators in order to boost morale and team performance. This means that the used motivators are:

Question 8

Through his multiple visits to many countries as part of his job, Adolf has learned that he needs to avoid being ethnocentric. What does ethnocentrism mean?

Question 9

As a CEO, Li provides suitable conditions for work in his company, focusing on a healthy work environment with safe working conditions for his employees, job security, rewarding salaries, and an emphasis on work appreciation. According to Herzberg, which of the mentioned above factors are examples of hygiene factors? (Select three)

Question 10

The ______________ is often referred to as 'the voice of the customer' as he/she represents the interests of the stakeholder community to the Scrum Team.