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Free PMP test (part 2)

Question 11

Your team uses Story Points to estimate issues and user stories. Halfway through a sprint, you are not seeing the progress you expected. When asked for clarification, the team told you that some issues are not accurately estimated due to a lack of details and information. How should you address this?

Question 12

One of the challenges for organizations, when they move to Agile ways of working, is the often mentioned need to build teams made up of “T-shaped” people.  A “T” shaped person is:

Question 13

Ahmed is an Agile consultant. A medium-sized IT company, previously working with the predictive approach, asked him to help them set up the Agile life cycle for their projects. Which of the following influences that Ahmed should be aware of when setting up the Agile approach?

Question 14

Which of the following are not events used by Scrum teams?

Question 15

A project manager needs to choose the right project management approach for their project. There are many different approaches to choose from, and each is best suited to different types of projects. Two of the most common and often conflated approaches to project management are Agile and Scrum. Given the similarities between the two, they can get confusing sometimes, but they are, in fact, two distinct concepts. Which is the main difference between scrum and agile?

Question 16

Despite the benefits that Agile can offer, it’s not for everyone. As a result, it’s important to be aware of the disadvantages of Agile methodology. Which of the following are drawbacks of the Agile model? (Select three)

Question 17

In an interior design project for a library, the client asks the team to increase the number of bookshelves beyond what was agreed on. Since the project is on schedule and it won’t make any difference to the team to add additional shelves, the project manager consents to the client’s request. This is an example of?

Question 18

Finn works as a QA tester for a software development project. In the final phase of the product development, he uncovered a bug that will result in a delay in the project release. Project engineers are resolving the bug which they estimate to take one week. What is the best way to handle this delay?

Question 19

Clyde is managing a project with a duration of 12 months. The budget of the project is $100,000. Six months have passed and $60,000 has been spent. On closer review, Clyde finds that only 40% of the work has been completed so far. The value of the 40% of the work is known as:

Question 20

Alyssa is a project manager tasked with managing an infrastructure project that will consolidate five data centers into one. She is using a waterfall approach to carry out initial planning activities and will execute the work using an Agile-based approach. Currently, she is facilitating the estimating process to calculate the duration of the project’s activities. When she gets to the “run cable” activity, one team member tells her that in a past similar project, they ran a similar length of cable in 13 hours; another team member tells her that they can run 100 meters of cable per hour. The team will need to run a total of 1000 meters of cable. Using the analogous estimating technique, how many hours will it take the team to run the cable?