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Free PMP Test

Free PMP Mock Test

50 PMP questions fully aligned with 2021 exam updates, covering key domains and knowledge areas: People, Process, and Business environment. The questions are balanced between the predictive project management approaches (waterfall) and the adaptive approaches (agile) or hybrid approaches.
Question 1

What should a project manager who is looking to increase collaboration within his team as well as creating a cooperative working environment do to achieve that?

Question 2

Kim is managing a software project following an Agile life cycle. After scope definition and during project execution, she receives a request from the customer to alter a requirement. How will Kim likely respond to the change request?

Question 3

Richard is assigned to lead a revolutionary medical project. During a meeting with the project’s sponsor on how to approach the project, Richard discusses how he wants to promote self-awareness, listening, and coaching over-controlling. Richard wants to promote:

Question 4

You are managing a branding project when 2 of your team members have a conflict about a design task. You decide to conduct a meeting including both the team members and upon issue discussion, you find that the best solution is to outsource this activity. This is called:

Question 5

Logan is a lead project manager for a pharmaceutical and medical devices company. Recently, one of his projects experienced a change in team member assignments due to major organizational changes. Kobi, a team member who remained on the project, seeks Logan out to express concerns regarding one of the new team members, who he feels does not have the technical aptitude to complete work assigned to him in this iteration. Logan trusts Kobi's judgment. What should Logan do regarding the new team member?

Question 6

Nora is an experienced PMP-certified project manager. She has a wide knowledge of project management tools & techniques and for that, her team respects her experience. Which of the following powers does Nora possess?

Question 7

Zach is a project manager for a company that opts for extrinsic motivators in order to boost morale and team performance. This means that the motivators used:

Question 8

Aicha presented a stadium construction project that she is certain will create many benefits to the community. Although the mayor agreed on executing the project, Aicha sensed a high level of resistance from various stakeholders right from the start. What is the most appropriate action to resolve this issue?

Question 9

As a project manager, once risks are identified and assessed, you decided to ______________ the risks by adopting less complex processes, conducting more tests, and choosing a more stable supplier.​

Question 10

Before the project starts, Harvey and his team set a meeting with the customer to define and agree upon the project’s goals and objectives components. The components of the goals and objectives in a quantifiable way are referred to as:

Question 11

Jacob is the project manager for a large software system development project. In order to generate and prioritize the project’s numerous requirements, Jacob used:

Question 12

As an experienced project manager, John never initiates a project without conducting a kick-off meeting. What’s the purpose of conducting such a meeting?

Question 13

Bella is managing an online e-learning platform. Her team is following the scrum method and every few weeks they release a new version including more features, user interface changes, bug fixes, security patches, etc. Taking into consideration that the platform users may wonder about the changes, Bella decided to make the releases information accessible to all platform members under a news section on the website. What type of communication is Bella using?

Question 14

Your project manager colleague canceled a lessons learned review meeting due to time constraints. What is the potential impact of this decision?

Question 15

Elizabeth is adapting a hybrid life-cycle approach for her project. While creating the cost management plan, she informed her project sponsor and CFO that she will document that she is rounding to the nearest thousand and will be using weeks to estimate resources. What two elements of the plan does this describe, respectively?

Question 16

Working in a predictive work environment and using the following three-point estimates, calculate the expected project value using the beta distribution formula:

  • Optimistic = $30,000
  • Pessimistic = $54,000
  • Most Likely = $45,000

Question 17

David is a project manager working for a Digital design agency specializing in branding and packaging. In his current project, he uses an approach that enables the team to share partially completed work with their clients to obtain early feedback, allowing them to modify the product accordingly. What type of project life cycle is David using?

Question 18

Under a predictive work environment, and during a planning meeting, the project manager and the development lead discuss the project schedule. During their discussion, they discover that each of them thinks a set of deliverables is going to be accomplished at different points in the schedule. In light of this revelation, they decide to update the schedule and share the information with the rest of the team. What is the best type of communication to opt for when dealing with such complex issues?

Question 19

Joseph had a successful career as a project manager. After 8 years in the position, his superiors thought it’s about time for him to get promoted to portfolio manager. What is a portfolio?

Question 20

Before taking on a new project, Mumtaz conducts a cost-benefit analysis to evaluate all the potential costs and revenues that the company might generate from the project. The outcome of the analysis will determine whether the project is financially feasible or if the company should pursue another project. Mumtaz finds out that the Benefit-Cost Ratio for the potential project is 1.3. What does that indicate?

Question 21

No matter what type of projects he is managing or what type of challenges he might face, Alfred makes sure that his Agile team is always focused on:

Question 22

Charlotte is leading her Agile project in a less prescriptive way in order to be less disruptive to her team. To deliver value to the customer, the project team drives work through a continuous flow instead of using iterations. This chosen approach by Charlotte is associated with which of the following Agile methods?

Question 23

At the end of the 3rd iteration, you delivered the website to your customer and signed a maintenance contract to fix any issues that might occur. On the first day of maintenance, the customer reported an error in the contact page when using mobile. After verifying with your team, you find out that they forgot to test the contact feature on mobile. What is this defect called?

Question 24

Managing an infrastructure project, Sophie uses a waterfall approach for the activities planning phase and an Agile-based approach for the execution phase. Lately, Sophie was asked by the stakeholder to provide a forecasted date of project completion. In order to specify the completion date, Sophie takes into consideration that the team has completed an average of 45 story points per iteration, with 270 remaining user story points left to complete. How many iterations will it take to complete the project work?

Question 25

Software developers in your team get into an argument on whether a specific user story is done or not. How would you best describe the Definition of Done?

Question 26

An Agile artifact that describes the incremental nature of how a product will be built and delivered over time, along with the important factors that drive each individual release is called? 

Question 27

Agile simplifies the project management process by breaking it down into easily manageable parts, or Sprints. As the demand for Agile grows, so has mystification around the term Sprint Zero. The Zero Sprint can be defined as:

Question 28

Plotting his team's burn-up chart, Carter notices that their velocity is fluctuating. When looking for the root cause, he finds out that one team member's performance is very slow and negatively impacting the whole team’s performance. What should Carter do first?

Question 29

Without a robust strategy for agile quality to effectively meet the demands of the business, agile teams may remain benched. To avoid this, you decided to put in practice some well-known agile quality checking strategies to ensure that your software project satisfies customer needs effectively and efficiently. All of the following are different strategies for agile quality checking, except:

Question 30

Nada is managing a web project Billgist which sends daily email notifications and threshold notifications when cloud expenses are exceeding a predefined level. Using an adaptive approach to manage the project, Nada works with her team to update and prepare stories for the upcoming iteration. This is an example of:

Question 31

The role of a product owner within an Agile project is:

Question 32

One of the challenges for organizations, when they move to Agile ways of working, is the often mentioned need to build teams made up of “T-shaped” people.  A “T” shaped person is:

Question 33

Ahmed is an Agile consultant. A medium-sized IT company, previously working with the predictive approach, asked him to help them set up the Agile life cycle for their projects. Which of the following influences that Ahmed should be aware of when setting up the Agile approach?

Question 34

Working on developing an accounting software, the Agile team decides to allocate 8 Story Points to a task, based on the fact that developers estimated 5 points and testers estimated 3 points. Which statement is true regarding this scenario?

Question 35

A project manager needs to choose the right project management approach for their project. There are many different approaches to choose from, and each is best suited to different types of projects. Two of the most common and often conflated approaches to project management are Agile and Scrum. Given the similarities between the two, they can get confusing sometimes, but they are, in fact, two distinct concepts. Which is the main difference between scrum and agile?

Question 36

The longest path in a network diagram is known as?

Question 37

In an interior design project for a library, the client asks the team to increase the number of bookshelves beyond what was agreed on. Since the project is on schedule and it won’t make any difference to the team to add additional shelves, the project manager consents to the client’s request. This is an example of?

Question 38

Finn works as a QA tester for a software development project. In the final phase of the product development, he uncovered a bug that will result in a delay in the project release. Project engineers are resolving the bug which they estimate to take one week. What is the best way to handle this delay?

Question 39

Clyde is managing a project with a duration of 12 months. The budget of the project is $100,000. Six months have passed and $60,000 has been spent. On closer review, Clyde finds that only 40% of the work has been completed so far. The value of the 40% of the work is known as:

Question 40

Alyssa is a project manager tasked with managing an infrastructure project that will consolidate five data centers into one. She is using a waterfall approach to carry out initial planning activities and will execute the work using an Agile-based approach. Currently, she is facilitating the estimating process to calculate the duration of the project’s activities. When she gets to the “run cable” activity, one team member tells her that in a past similar project, they ran a similar length of cable in 13 hours; another team member tells her that they can run 110 meters of cable per hour. The team will need to run a total of 1,320 meters of cable. Using the analogous estimating technique, how many hours will it take the team to run the cable?

Question 41

Dave is managing a large project using the predictive approach. He always opts for a written authorization to begin a specific activity or work package that is part of the project plan. A Company’s “work authorization system” is an example of  ___________________.

Question 42

The project team cannot plan for risks that are believed to be difficult to find or imagine. Therefore, a ___________ reserve should be allocated for unidentified risks in advance.

Question 43

A project task is 90% complete. It could not be finished until another task is completed. What type of dependency is this?

Question 44

For a museum construction project, concrete is poured after the completion of rebar and formwork. Now, workers have to wait for 14 days to remove the formwork because concrete strength must be adequate for this process. The 14 days are an example of:

Question 45

In order to provide decision-makers in the company with the information necessary to make a decision on whether it makes sense to move forward with his project or not, Phil presented to his superiors his order of magnitude estimations based on the estimated level of effort, in terms of completion time and cost. The level of accuracy for the order of magnitude estimation is:

Question 46

While working on a large project to develop a fingerprint voting system, Lance notices that a senior developer in his team is constantly missing deadlines. As the project manager, what should Lance do?

Question 47

The process of decomposing the project deliverables into smaller chunks of work is called:

Question 48

As a project manager, you consider establishing a contingency reserve to deal with:

Question 49

Knowing that the project you’re managing has a Fixed fee of $5,000, an estimated cost of $50,000, and an Actual cost of $60,000, what is the total cost of the contract For Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee?

Question 50

Midway through a construction project that you’re managing, Mark, a key project team member, requests two months’ leave for personal matters. Before replying to Mark’s leave request, what should you do first?