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PMP Readiness Quiz

PMP Readiness Quiz

This quiz targets PMP aspirants who already met the exam prerequisites and who ideally finished or are going through the preparation phase. This quiz was created to address one of the most commonly asked questions “Am I ready for the PMP exam?”. The following questions present key indicators to whether or not a PMP aspirant has conducted an appropriate PMP preparation. This does not mean that this quiz will %100 determine your preparation level. It will rather help you discover if you missed covering any crucial knowledge areas or preparation steps.
Did you create and follow a preparation plan?

Are you familiar with the Exam Content Outline (ECO)?

Are you aware of the existence of the exam reference list?

Did you go through the PMBOK 6th and 7th editions as well as the Agile Practice Guide?

Did you use any prep course/book?

Did you memorize the definition, functionality, and implication of every type of chart and diagram?

Did you memorize the functionality and implication of key theories?

Did you memorize the functionality and implication of different formulas?

Did you test your knowledge with different practice questions from different resources?

How many full-length mock exams did you take?