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How to become a project manager

How to become a project manager

To become a successful project manager, you must have both an educational background and experience in order to master the basics of project management. Beyond the formal training, you also need analytical skills, communication skills, leadership, and even guts, as this field is methodical and scrupulous. And, in order to prove you got what it …

The 7 skills you must acquire in 2021, and how to easily learn them

The 7 Skills you must acquire in 2021, and How to easily learn them

Unlike the majority of sectors, the E-learning industry has been booming at an unprecedented rate in the COVID-19 era. According to a CNBC report, BYJU, a learning application “has recorded a 150% rise in enrollments in March.” UpGrad, a learning platform for working professionals, also clocked in a record of 4,000 enrollments during April. This all stands for E-learning as the …