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What you should know about RACI

What you should know about RACI

What is RACI?

  • Responsible: the person who executes the task. Several people can be jointly Responsible.
  • Accountable: the person who ensures that work is performed as planned as they can sign off, approve, or reject it. It’s recommended that only one person is Accountable.
  • Consulted: the person who can provide an expert opinion, additional information, or any kind of help in order to successfully accomplish the task.
  • Informed: the person who does not contribute to the task but must be kept informed of its progress and results considering their contribution to other tasks.

Why should you use a RACI matrix?

What are the potential pitfalls when using the RACI matrix?

  • Using it when it’s not required

  • Not communicating, sharing, or having it approved by stakeholders

  • Wanting to organize work at an excessively detailed level

Sample PMP Question

  1. Samarth
  2. Michelle
  3. Tushar
  4. Stefania

The correct answer is D. According to the RACI chart, Stefania is accountable for the activity of writing the RFP. Consequently, you need to talk to Stefania in order to investigate the issue. Michelle is the one responsible for writing the RFP, but she is not accountable in case something went wrong as this situation implies.