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2021 Project Management Certifications

2021 Best Project management Certifications

Whether you are a veteran or a newbie trying to climb up the ladder, the adequate project management certificate can accelerate your professional evolution by honing your tactical and leadership skills and increasing your visibility to senior staff.  Robert Half’s Technology & IT 2021 Salary Guide lists project management as a hot certification, with salaries …

The 7 skills you must acquire in 2021, and how to easily learn them

The 7 Skills you must acquire in 2021, and How to easily learn them

Unlike the majority of sectors, the E-learning industry has been booming at an unprecedented rate in the COVID-19 era. According to a CNBC report, BYJU, a learning application “has recorded a 150% rise in enrollments in March.” UpGrad, a learning platform for working professionals, also clocked in a record of 4,000 enrollments during April. This all stands for E-learning as the …