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CAPM Mock Practice Tests

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Fully Aligned with the Latest Examination Content Outline (ECO) Updates – Based on the PMBOK 7th Edition & the Agile Practice Guide.


These CAPM Mock Practice Tests are Fully Aligned with the New Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Syllabus and reflect the Latest ECO Updates.

This book includes a Total of 360 Questions Based on the PMBOK 7th Edition, the Agile Practice Guide, as well as other recommended preparation resources included in PMI’s Exam Reference List.

To thoroughly prepare for the 2024 CAPM Certification Exam, this book offers you 4 Targeted Practice Tests, each covering the New Domains outlined in the Updated CAPM Exam Content Outline (ECO), in addition to 2 Full Mock Exams, each includes 150 Highly Realistic Questions to Simulate the real exam and help you test your understanding of Project Performance Domains and Approaches.

The book is structured according to the domains of the new ECO:

  • Practice Test 1 = Project Management Fundamentals & Core Concepts (Domain 1)
  • Practice Test 2 = Predictive, Plan-Based Methodologies (Domain 2)
  • Practice Test 3 = Agile Frameworks/Methodologies (Domain 3)
  • Practice Test 4 = Business Analysis Frameworks (Domain 4)
  • Full Mock Exam 1
  • Full Mock Exam 2

Each Practice Test comprises 15 Questions including multiple-choice, multiple-selection, graphs, and fill-in-the-blanks, to perfectly reflect all types of questions that you will encounter in the CAPM Exam.

Each Full Mock Exam includes 150 Questions to help you simulate the whole exam experience, practice exam time management, and imitate the same exam conditions to minimize the stress and intimidation on the day of the exam.

This book involves challenging scenario-based questions, with Detailed Explanations, as well as Corresponding References from PMBOK 7th edition, The Agile Practice Guide, as well as other recommended resources in the PMI’s Exam Reference List.

Boost your Confidence and Proficiency before taking the CAPM Certification Exam using these practice tests to help you identify any knowledge gaps and clear any hard-to-understand concepts.

You can determine how prepared you are to take the CAPM exam based on your score on the Full Mock Exams:

  • Less than 50%: You are not prepared enough. It’s highly recommended to thoroughly go through your studying materials again.
  • Between 50% and 60%: You are still not there yet. It’s recommended that you concentrate on your knowledge gaps and retake your practice tests.
  • Between 60% and 70%: You are almost there. If you still have time before the exam date, you can use it for more practice.
  • Between 70% and 80%: You’re prepared! You have a good chance now to pass the exam.
  • More than 80%: You are perfectly prepared. With such a score, you’re more likely to hit an Above target score in all domains!

Yassine Tounsi


325 Pages





4 reviews for CAPM Mock Practice Tests

  1. Blanchard Hervé

    The best practice for the new exam!
    I’ve been preparing for the exam since the start of this year while waiting for PMI to announce the new exam date. Long story short, I came across this book and went through the included practice tests multiple times and it was enough to pass my CAPM certification exam with flying colors. Can’t recommend this enough: the quality of the questions and explanations make this book a great tool for CAPM prep.

  2. Manpreet Kaur

    This book really helped me in clearing my exam!

  3. Flavia P.

    Highly recommend!
    This book is a great resource to prepare for the new CAPM exam. The questions cover the new domains and reflect the exam’s format and content.

  4. tmuchinfo

    This book was a lifesaver! I am so glad I found it for such an affordable price! Definitely recommend!

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