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PMP Cheat Sheets

Visual Memory Sheets for Quick PMP Exam Preparation

Aide-mémoire PMP

Fiches de révision visuelles pour une préparation rapide à l’examen PMP

Essential PMP Preparation

Essential PMP Preparation

A Practical Exam Prep with Simplified explanations, definitions, and examples – Aligned with PMBOK 7th Edition and the Agile Practice Guide

Préparation à l’examen PMP

Preéparation pratique à l’examen PMP avec des définitions des explications et des exemples simplifiés

2023 PMP Mock Practice Tests

PMP certification exam preparation based on the latest updates – 380 questions including Agile

Tests de préparation à l’examen PMP 2023

Préparation à l’examen de certification PMP basée sur les dernières mises à jour – 380 questions y compris la méthode Agile

PMI-ACP Practice Tests

Mock Questions Fully Aligned with the Agile Certified Practitioner Exam Domains

CAPM Mock Practice Tests

Fully Aligned with the Latest Examination Content Outline (ECO) Updates – Based on the PMBOK 7th Edition & the Agile Practice Guide

PMP Exam Prep Kit

2 Books in 1: Essential PMP Preparation & PMP Mock Practice Tests

The Essential Guide for Project Managers

How to Overcome Common Project Management Challenges

Simulatore di Livello Avanzato per l’Esercitazione all’Esame PMP

Basato su PMBOK 7a Edizione, PMBOK 6a Edizione, e The Agile Practice Guide

(قريبا) PMP الإعداد لشهادة

تحضير نظري و تطبيقي لإمتحان شهادة محترف إدارة المشاريع إستنادا على الإصدار السابع من الدليل Agile Practice Guide و دليل الممارسة الرشيقة PMBOK المعرفي لإدارة المشاريع