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PMP Cheat Sheets

(6 customer reviews)


This booklet includes 30 Easy-to-read Cheat Sheets that break down tough concepts into concise information and visual explanations to make learning fun, easy, and quick!


All That Really Matters, No Fluff!

Besides the fact that some PMP concepts are complex to wrap your head around, it’s often difficult to remember all the information scattered in many PMP preparation resources. This is where these Cheat Sheets come in handy!

PMP Cheat Sheets condense Project Management concepts, processes, and approaches into one page each in a learner-friendly format. This booklet includes 30 Easy-to-read Cheat Sheets that break down tough concepts into concise information and visual explanations to make learning fun, easy, and quick! These Cheat Sheets contain the most needed, most referenced, and most confusing information in the PMP Exam Syllabus in an enhanced visual design.

PMP Cheat Sheets are printed on 8.27 x 11.69 inch pages with high-quality designs in vivid colors to promote easy readability. Each sheet is focused on a key PMP concept, approach, principle, etc. in a logical straightforward sequence. Visual learners will find these Cheat Sheets a fun way to strengthen their memory and study all the key concepts that are essential to passing the PMP exam.

This Full-color 30-page Guide relies on diagrams, tables, and graphs to explain the most important information at a glance, bringing relevant information for the PMP Exam together in one resource.

PMP Cheat Sheets are perfect for PMP candidates looking to save time and energy during preparation. Whether you’re just starting your PMP Exam Preparation or you’re looking for a brain dump to conclude your preparation, you will find these cheat sheets quite efficient as a quick reference guide.

This is an excellent way to get an entire overview of the exam syllabusPMP Cheat Sheets can also be used as a study map or guide of everything you should prepare for your PMP Certification Exam, as an introduction to the different subjects and concepts the exam covers, or as a handy reference to core principles or tools like charts, graphs, equations, etc.

The content of these cheat sheets is aligned with the latest Exam Content Outline (ECO) updates, the PMBOK 7th Edition, and the Agile Practice Guide. Highlighting key concepts, processes, knowledge areas, techniques, theories, principles, and terms, this guide covers:

  1. Project Management Overview
  2. Project Initiation
  3. Stakeholders Identification & Analysis
  4. Stakeholders Engagement
  5. Conflict Resolution
  6. Team & Work Environment
  7. Leadership Styles
  8. Power Types
  9. Teamwork & Collaboration
  10. Team Motivation
  11. Development Approaches
  12. Lifecycles & Process Groups
  13. Agile Frameworks
  14. Scrum
  15. Requirements Collection & Analysis
  16. Schedule Development (Predictive)
  17. Schedule Development (Adaptive)
  18. Estimation Techniques
  19. Prioritization Techniques
  20. Monitoring Work
  21. Managing Knowledge
  22. Conducting Procurements
  23. Contract Types
  24. Project Delivery
  25. Meeting Quality Requirements
  26. Performance Measurement
  27. Metrics & KPIs
  28. Uncertainty & Risk
  29. Risk Management
  30. Exam Tips & Tricks

These Brief, Clear, and Easy-to-use Cheat Sheets are perfect as supplemental training material to accompany the Essential PMP Preparation & the PMP Mock Practice Tests Books for an encompassing PMP preparation.


Yassine Tounsi


30 pages





6 reviews for PMP Cheat Sheets

  1. Dr L

    Great resource, useful in the final stages of the exam preparation as it presents summaries what one would have read to prepare for the PMP exam…

  2. Ethan

    Gave to my friend – he would recommend to anyone. I am a practice test guy and had little use for this… the author writes practice tests that I found very effective. My friend, however, is the type to read and absorb everything. I gave this to him, and he passed the PMP with flying colors. He attributed this guide to be one of his greatest resources.

  3. GF Kleynhans

    Resourcefull reading. Contains very help full information. Will be handy during that final crach week prior to exam.

  4. Maintenance Smart Solutions Inc.

    Great book for studying, Passed on the first try 💜

  5. Ahmed F

    A great book! It help memorize information for the PMP exam, but also provides a deeper understanding of project management concepts. The cheat sheets were accompanied by clear explanations and infographics!
    I highly recommend this book to anyone who is studying for the PMP exam or wants a quick and easy reference guide for project management concepts. It is truly is a valuable resource that I will continue to use!!

  6. KimCZ

    This guide was great to reinforce and break down terms and PMP language.

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