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The Essential Guide for Project Managers

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How to Overcome Common Project Management Challenges.


The Essential Guide for Project Managers: How to Overcome Common Project Management Challenges!

You’ve been asked to lead your first project. And, even though you appreciate the vote of confidence, you are panicking since you don’t have a clue on where to begin. You are worrying that stakeholders will tug you in a million directions, making it impossible to set clear goals, let alone deliver the project on time and budget. Plus, you’re concerned about how you will keep your team members motivated when the pressure levels get high…

Whether you’re wondering how to become a Project Manager, or you have already taken a project management role, being an accidental project manager, or a traditionallytrainedone: No matter which path you’ve taken, this guide will help you thrive and upscale your career through effectively facing common challenges.

The Essential Guide for Project Managers offers practicalreal-world solutions for effective project management. If you’re struggling to launch your first project, keep your project organized, manage projects with limited resources and budget, or meet tight deadlines and stringent expectationsthis book is made for you!

Packed with how-to essentials, this hands-on guide provides you with practical answers to your most pressing project management inquiries concerning:

  • Career
  • Business challenges
  • Communication & Leadership
  • Technical skills
  • Agile

The Essential Guide for Project Managers will give you the confidence you need to manage projects effectively, learning how to get better at:

  • Executing projects on time and on budget
  • Keeping your project organized
  • Dealing with project constraints
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Motivating your team
  • Managing Agile projects

The Essential Guide for Project Managers is your guide to modern project management, presenting simplepractical instructions for successfully handling whatever issue you might come across.

Here’s a small sample of what the book covers:

  • Common issues new project managers encounter
  • Technicalcommunication, and leadership skills
  • Leading troubled and recovered projects
  • Setting the stage for success through effective planning
  • Creating accurate budgets and schedules
  • Efficient performance monitoring and control
  • Managing project changesissuesdeliverables, and quality
  • Framing and meeting stakeholders’ expectations
  • Making the most of communication and collaboration tools and technologies
  • Getting started with Agile project management

Whether it’s managing a distressed project, embracing an agile approach, using new tools and technology to drive efficiency and improve collaboration, or resolving conflicts that occur during a project, the guidance inside will help you wear your project manager hat more prominently, and proudly.


Yassine Tounsi


245 Pages





4 reviews for The Essential Guide for Project Managers

  1. jargalsaikhan

    Easy to understand very helpful guide for new project managers

  2. jargalsaikhan

    Easy to understand very helpful guide for new project managers

  3. Alex

    You need it in your library especially for new professionals!

  4. Wassim Chaabouni

    This simple yet encompassing guide is refreshingly practical; it really puts things into perspective when it comes to the different aspects of being a project manager. The content is right to the point without any empty or airy content. I especially liked the Agile chapter. It presents a nice initiation to the subject.

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