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Cheat Sheets for Learning: How Efficient are they?

The choice of a learning technique or tool usually depends on your personal preferences; some prefer watching videos, others find books more efficient for retaining new information, and so on… 

One of my favorite learning tools when we’re dealing with an extensive amount of new information, such as in the case of PMP preparation, is cheat sheets. Research has found that cheat sheets are among the most effective study techniques as they promote:

  • Enhanced Retention: Summarizing information in a concise format has been shown to enhance understanding and retention. Cheat sheets essentially function as summarized versions of study material, which aids in comprehension and recall.
  • Active Recall: Cheat sheets serve as condensed summaries of material, allowing for quick recall of key information, which reinforces the learning process.
  • Organization: Organized information in a structured manner facilitates learning. Cheat sheets organize and categorize information, helping learners make connections and understand relationships between concepts.
  • Quick Reference: Cheat sheets provide a convenient and quick reference for important information, making them useful for review before exams or when working on assignments.
  • Time Management: Cheat sheets can help learners prioritize and focus on the most essential information, saving time compared to reviewing lengthy textbooks or notes.

You might still be hesitant about whether to rely on cheat sheets for your PMP exam preparation, wondering if PMP candidates did find cheat sheets efficient during their exam prep. So, here are some of the PMP Cheat Sheets users’ feedback and personal experience with this learning tool:

PMP Cheat Sheets offer 30 Cheat Sheets designed to simplify complex PMP concepts into concise and visually engaging summaries. Printed on high-quality pages with vivid colors, each Cheat Sheet focuses on a key concept, making it easy for visual learners to grasp essential information quickly. These Cheat Sheets are ideal for PMP candidates seeking an efficient study tool to save time and energy during exam preparation. They serve as comprehensive overviews of the exam syllabus and can be used as a study guide or a quick reference for core principles and tools.

These Cheat Sheets are updated to reflect the latest Exam Content Outline (ECO), PMBOK 7th Edition, and Agile Practice Guide. They focus on key concepts, processes, knowledge areas, techniques, theories, principles, and terms relevant to the PMP exam.

Even though cheat sheets are indeed an efficient learning tool, they should not be relied upon as the sole means for your PMP exam. PMP Cheat Sheets are a valuable supplement to other study resources such as the PMP Mock Practice Tests book and the Essential PMP Preparation guide. In fact, these three resources make up an all-inclusive encompassing PMP Prep Pack that covers everything you need to learn and addresses every aspect and element of the PMP exam.

PS: It’s essential to recognize that no learning technique or tool is a one-size-fits-all solution, and their effectiveness may vary depending on factors such as the individual’s learning style, the complexity of the material, and the purpose of the study session. Therefore, try to test different learning approaches until you find a combination that works for you.