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Essential PMP Preparation

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A Practical Exam Prep with Simplified explanations, definitions, and examples – Aligned with PMBOK 7th Edition and the Agile Practice Guide.


Simple, Practical, and Comprehensive Preparation for the 2024 PMP Certification Exam

Thomas Mann says “Order and simplification are the first steps toward the mastery of a subject.” As hard to believe as it can be, PMP Preparation can be Simple.

The Essential PMP Preparation is designed to break down the most Complicated Project Management Concepts into SimpleEasy-to-understand and Remember ExplanationsDefinitions, and Examples. The goal is to provide you with the most Practical and Comprehensive Preparation Experience without the usual stress and burnout that comes with the PMP studying process.

The Essential PMP Preparation is a Comprehensive Guide that includes Essential Project Management Concepts addressed in the PMBOK 7th Edition, as well as other resources recommended by PMI in the PMP Reference List, including the Agile Practice Guide, making it the Ideal Preparation Tool for anyone sitting for the 2024 PMP exam.

The Essential PMP Preparation content is laid out in a LogicalOrganized Manner, making it quite easy to flow from one section to another and from one concept to the following, without facing any hardships in understanding any of the included terms. Along with the theoretical material, the book includes a Total of 300 Practice Questions to provide you with a Global Preparation Resource.

Each chapter is followed by a Practice Test of 15 Questions intended to Test your Comprehension of each of the Performance Domains. Along with 8 Practice Tests, you will also be provided with a Full Mock Exam at the end of the book as a final step to Evaluate your Exam Readiness.

The Essential PMP Preparation can be used as the main PMP Preparation Guide for those who have experience in the Project Management Field, a Summary that you can go through to Facilitate your Studying, Memorize all the Essential Terms and Concepts, and Practice Mock Questions, or as a final preparation step to make sure you’re Fully Ready and you’re Not Missing any Crucial Points. Its Rich Content and Practical Form make it a Versatile Studying Tool.


Yassine Tounsi


492 Pages





5 reviews for Essential PMP Preparation

  1. Haziq

    One of most comprehensive PMP Prep Books!
    This book is detailed and well organized, especially for first time test takers! As I am going through the step-by-step guide from the book, I built up more confidence in passing the exam!

  2. Ahmad Saad

    Very well Structured Book!
    I have been looking for PMP resources everywhere. Among those that I was able to grab so far, None of them presented the simplicity and the structured flow of processes in a Project like this book!

  3. Daniel J Robinson

    Great resource to prep for the PMP exam: This book really helped me prepare for the exam. It really made the difference. I combined this with the practice exam questions on the PMI website. I liked how the various terms are bolded throughout, the questions and explanations are well done and the practice exam is very helpful. Pretty easy read – thoughtfully organized.

  4. Pranav

    A clean and concise book on Agile and Predictive management.

  5. A. Fourati

    Highly recommended! The way this book is structured is great. It gets you easily going from one section to another and it recapitulates all key concepts in the form of definitions and right-to-the-point explanations. I highly recommend.

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